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Floor Pro is a heavy-duty temporary floor protection engineered for contractors. Designed with cost and efficiency in mind, it lays out fast and is re-usable. 


Floor Protection

Three Sizes available

1. (T) 1mm x (W) 820mm x (L) 36.5M

2. (T) 1mm x (W) 820mm x (L) 18M

3. (T) 1mm x (W) 820mm x (L) 9M

Adhesive Tape

1.  (W) 60mm x (L) 50M

ISO Test Result

Determination of Bending Resistance_edited.jpg
Board-Determination of Bursting Strength_edited.jpg

Floor Pro is becoming a premium floor protection product for construction, residential & renovation projects. It have a huge success in America, Europe and Japan. Floor Pro fulfills your protection need for your toughest jobs. It is made from 100% recycled materials, this item is eco-friendly and reusable. 


Floor Pro is breathable to protect new and existing wood, ceramic, stone tile, marble, epoxy and most other floor types.



Water and paint are challenging for floor protection at building sites. Floor Pro contains a 72-hours water resistant technology that avoids water spill. No more worry about  watermarks or dirt.


Floor Pro is specially designed to allow air to go through while moisture can evaporate. It allows curing of your flooring on the same time providing protection from water and damage. 


Floor Pro is a handy and well designed material for installation. It comes with adhesive tape that connects the joints together which make site worker's work a lot easier. 

Time saving

Floor Pro can be cut by utility knife or even scissors. It can be marked and cut into required shape for unique area protection.

​Easy to Cut

Floor Pro is a 100% environmental friendly product, it is made up of waste paper and polymer additives. We give these materials a new definition and make it usable for protection.

100% Recycle

Heavy Duty

Floor Pro is the toughest 1mm

surface protection you can get.

It is handy, flexible and durable.

It is highly resistant to abrasion and scratches from tools or heavy machinery.


1. Clean and clear the protection area. Make sure the floor is dry.

2. Roll out Floor Pro and lay flat on the floor (logo facing up right)

3. Check the joints and cut to required length with utility knife.

4. Seal the joints with Floor Pro  waterproof adhesive tape.

5. For reuse, clean the surface and roll it back up.

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